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North Dublin Cat Rescue

We are delighted to launch a range of merchandise with all profits going to North Dublin Cat Rescue.

So, why is NDCR the first charity we have teamed up with?  

Well, if you follow their page on Facebook you may remember that in December 2019 North Dublin Cat Rescue posted images of a cat they had saved named Stevie. He was living on the streets, blind, malnourished and his claws were ingrown into his pads. Thanks to their dedication and a few weeks TLC and veterinary supervision, Stevie was ready for his forever home.

Having read his story, I (Kevin, owner of THE LGBTQ+ Shop) knew that he’d have all the love my partner and I have to offer. After an eventful trip across the Irish Sea, he made it to his forever home. He’s come on leaps and bounds and is the sweetest little cuddle monster.

After the Covid pandemic all charities are struggling, and the costs to run NDCR have continued to rise. Which is why we decided to work with the team to help raise much needed funds, so hopefully they can save the next member of your fur family.

Stevie 1.jpg
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