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The Hazell Dean Always Collection

On 28th June 1969 police raided The Stonewall Inn in New York and something unprecedented happened. The LGBT+ community fought back! The fight for equality and LGBT+ rights had begun, the first Pride was a riot…

To commemorate this date Hazell Dean, in conjunction with The LGBTQ+ Shop has launched an exclusive line of t-shirts with 100% of profits going to support the wonderful work of Trans Radio.

Hazell states “The LGBTQ+ community has long been my tribe. It’s been a relationship that started way back in 1983, with the release of my first single Searchin’. I must have sung it in every gay club across the UK, Europe, and then America.

The gay audience were the first to respond and embrace both the song and me as an artist. We have been together ever since. Over the last 38 years I have seen a lot and I have stayed with my tribe, always.

Through the dark despair of AIDS and Section 28 and out into the rainbow sunshine, yet what I am witnessing now is as dark as the darkest days of the early 80’s and it is our Trans sisters and brothers who are being vilified and victimised.

This is why it is so important for me to take this opportunity to stand proudly as an ally to the Trans community here and now, when they need it most. That is what a tribe does. We stand up for injustice and we do not exclude our own, and that means we do not turn against our Trans family. We protect them. We stand together - Always.

100% of the profits from this range go to support the wonderful work carried out by Trans Radio, you can find out more about them and listen live by clicking here.

I am collaborating with The LGBTQ+ Shop with an “Always” range, incorporating my signature to symbolise the importance of sharing the very simple message, that we stand together - always.

The LGBTQ+ Shop care, and like me feel very strongly that we need to be very visible allies, and to help raise funds for organisations and charities that support and protect our tribe when they need it.

We do not discriminate. We do not exclude.

It’s very important for me to be associated with people who want to do the right thing, and who want to make a change………. turning it into love one T-shirt at a time……with The LGBTQ+ Shop. Always, Hazell xxx”.

Speaking about the range, Kevin from The LGBTQ+ Shop states “It’s very rare that someone can wear the crown of being an icon. Even less rarely can someone wear a double crown. Yet Hazell Dean is one of those people. She’s a Hi-NRG and Stock, Aitken and Waterman icon whilst also being an LGBTQ+ rights icon.

Just imagine for one minute giving Stock, Aitken & Waterman, the greatest hit making trio in history, their first top 10 hit. It’s pretty unimaginable, yet Hazell did it.

I grew up on a staple of SAW hits and I’d argue that Hazell paved the way for Kylie, Jason, Sinitta, Bananarama (on their second outing), Sonia and Rick Astley.

In recent times it’s become fashionable for artists to embrace the LGBTQ+ community but for Hazell it’s always been a way of life. With co-pilot Rebecca she has been a major part of our community for decades and fought for our rights in ways that others couldn’t dare to imagine.

We’ve all drunkenly danced (at Pride or in nightclubs) to “Searchin”, “Whatever I Do”, “Who’s Leaving Who”, “Turn It Into Love”, “Love Pains” and “They Say It’s Gonna Rain” but behind all of those hits there’s more than just an 80’s icon. There’s someone who has fought for the rights of all of us who are part of the LGBTQ+ rainbow.

Hazell doesn’t just entertain Pride crowds all around the world, she’s patron of Surrey Pride and works tirelessly for Trans Radio and equality across the globe. In the 80’s her calendar was packed with events raising awareness and funds for HIV/AIDS. She fights for all of our rights year in, year out, particularly the Trans community.

On a personal note, I grew up with Hazell as an icon and danced around my bedroom in small town Ireland singing along to her hits. Who’s Leaving Who is still my personal favourite and a song I thought, for some years, I’d lost my virginity to*. Hazell is an inspiration and tireless campaigner I admire, respect and look up to. Some icons are worth the title.

Working on this range of t-shirts with her to raise much needed funds for Trans Radio has been both an honour and a privilege. *I found out a few years later that a teenage snog is not losing your virginity.”

The Hazell Dean Always Collection is on sale now, you can view the full range by clicking here

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