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The H In HIV Stands For Human

As one of the best-known pop stars in the 1980’s, and someone who had a huge gay following across the world, Hazell Dean saw first-hand the impact AIDS had. Indeed, over the last 40 years, since the first cases were reported, she has performed to raise much needed funds and fought to end stigma.

When making ‘It’s A Sin’ Russell T Davies said “I wanted those women in there – the Kelly Maries and the Hazell Deans – because when the AIDS crisis came along, they kept coming to the gay clubs. They would turn up and perform at 2am and that was their life for decades. They never abandoned their gay fan base, they never turned away. They hugged people when you were being told not to. Those women are soldiers.” And that is he included ‘Whatever I Do’, one of Hazell’s biggest hits, in the series.

Hazell proudly wears her ‘The H in HIV stands for human’ t-shirt here, all profits from the sale of this range goes to The Sussex Beacon, which helps people living with HIV. Get yours here

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