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Kylie Shocks Music Industry with Retirement Announcement

Pop princess Kylie Minogue has this morning shocked the pop world by announcing her retirement from music at the age of 52. The Australian songstress has released details of her final album, I Should Be So Rocky, a double CD featuring one disc of classic hits and one of classic rock song covers with a camp pop Kylie twist.

Speaking about the album, which drops later this morning, April 1st, Kylie says “I’m known as the disco, pop and dance princess. The Golden album even meant I had a foray into country. However, the one genre I have always loved yet never had an opportunity to record is rock. Over lockdown I have had the opportunity to listen to some classic albums of the genre and appreciate the opportunity to add a Kylie twist to some much-loved classics”.

Minogue went on to explain that over the last few months she has binge watched box-sets of ‘The Good Life’ which has made her realise a life out of the spotlight was finally earned and which also spurred a love for gardening, and a wish for the simple things in life.

She explained “Covid has meant that whilst I can release my final album to the world, I will unfortunately not be able to tour it. However, my newfound love of horticulture means that I will be doing a farewell residency at The Chelsea Flower Show next summer, 2022. I would like to thank my fans for over three emotional and wonderful decades in the music industry, and I look forward to seeing them among the flower beds next year in Chelsea”.

CD 1 features the greatest hits of Kylie.

CD 2 features the following track listing of rock classics with a Kylie twist:

1. I Should Be So Rocky

2. All Right Wow

3. Especially For You Really Got Me

4. Sweet Child O’Minogue

5. Layla la la, la la la la la

6. Enter Sandmanogue

7. Boheminogian Rhapsody

8. Get Outta My Go Your Own Way

9. Stairway To Made In Heaven

10. Red Blooded Honky Tonk Woman

11. Spinning Around The Watchtower

12. Can’t Get You Out Of My Headbanger

13. Your Disco Needs a Whole Lotta Love

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