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Ooh I Say Cotton Tote

Ooh I Say Cotton Tote

At The LGBTQ+ Shop we don’t normally do ‘celebrity’ or character merchandise. However, we all adore June Brown and Dot Cotton, having grown up with both the lady and the character as institutions! And we adore this exclusive design by leading Brighton artist Sidney Spencer.

Stephen Fry said "June Brown, amongst all her other wonderful human qualities and achievements, will be remembered as a tireless and fearless LGBT ally - especially during the darkest days of HIV/AIDS and Section 28... it was a privilege to know her."

But of course the rest of us simply know her as Dot, and her final words on the show, recorded before she died would have brought a tear to a stone.

“I read this thing in a paper. It said if all of time since the world began was a toilet roll, and you unrolled it and laid it out, your life would be less than the width of a hair, right at the very end.

Shows you where we are in the scheme of things. Less than the width of a hair.

And how do we spend that time? So, I reckon Ethel had the right idea, enjoy the time you’ve got. It’s over in the blink of an eye.”


Thank you June for bringing decades of joy into our lives.

.: 100% Cotton
.: Extra light fabric (4.13 oz/yd² (140g/m²))
.: One size

  One size
Length, in 16.54
Width, in 14.96
Handle length, in 11.81


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