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Together We Stand With Our Hungarian Brothers & Sisters

TOGETHER WE STAND! Tomorrow marks the start of Pride month in Hungary. It’s set against a backdrop of homophobia and transphobia. Their football supporters this week brandished an anti-LGBTQ banner. Last week Viktor Orban, the prime minister, intensified his campaign against LGBT rights by passing a law banning gay people from featuring in school educational materials or TV shows for under-18s. Sound familiar to anyone who remembers Section 28?

We’ve spoken online to a number of the brave LGBTQ protesters who are standing up to be counted and rather than just get frustrated and simply offer words of support we wanted to do something. Hungary is obviously not awash with Pride positivity shops like we have here. So we’re launching this line of 4 t-shirts to show we stand with you. They’re being sold with 40% promo code BUDAPEST, removing any profit as we want to show our Hungarian rainbow brothers and sisters this isn’t done for commercial reasons but solidarity ones!

Az LGBTQ + Shop büszke támogatója az egyenlőségnek szerte a világon. Azért terveztük ezeket a pólókat, hogy támagotást nyújtsunk magyar testvéreinknek. A Pride hónapra 40% kedvezmény jár, így ezeket haszon nélkül adjuk el, kifejezve támogatásunkat. Használja a 'BUDAPEST' kuponkódot.

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