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Pride Ireland

Celebrate Pride with one of our unique designs from The LGBTQ+ Shop. Although we’re based in the UK, our owner Kevin returns home to Ireland most years to celebrate Dublin Pride and wanted to put together a collection exclusively for his home country.

He states “I remember some of the Pride protests in their infancy, when there seemed to be very few of us, and it truly was a protest. It’s incredible to see the evolution in LGBT rights back at home and one of my happiest days was standing outside Pantibar when the marriage equality vote came through. There truly seemed to be a shift. Seeing the evolution of Dublin Pride, and the emergence of many new events across the country, it’s heart-warming and encouraging for someone like myself who has been protesting for decades. I wanted to design a range that shows I’m Proud both to be gay and Irish. I hope you like them as much as I enjoyed designing them”.

Check out the entire range here

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